Lionfish Solutions is committed to providing our clients with sites that combine functionality and business development. Afterall, the purpose for a website is to enhance customer relationships and drive additional commerce to your business!

We begin by reinforcing and strengthening your corporate image. If you are a new business, we will be happy to work with you to develope a company image. Included in image developement are design elements including the power of color, a catchy logo, and even a company slogan.

Whether you are a sole proprietor of a local business, or a midsize corporation looking for a makeover, we have the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.

At Lionfish Solutions we realize your website is an extension of who you are. Not only should it reflect your businesses products and services, but most importantly, it must convey to your customers that which sets you apart from your competition. (Please see Website FAQ's for additional information).

Our initial consultation, always complimentary, is designed to help us get to know your business as much as it introduces you to our skills and philosophy. We feel it is vital for us to understand your products, services, existing customer base and target audience, so that we can help you attract the business you seek.

Our design expertise will allow us to create a site suited to your image, whether it be upscale and professional or fun and sassy! As part of our philosophy of keeping our customers involved and informed, we develope and upload online (to our developement servers), allowing you to follow the progress and provide feedback.

All our websites are designed specific to the job at hand. We never use templates, or pre-packaged designs. We will incorporate custom design elements that will be unique to your site. We design all our website pages in HTML from scratch. This means we do not use any HTML editors (such as Frontpage) which often can create redundant code resulting in glitches and other inconsistencies from one browser to another.

Lionfish Solutions first began offering website design in 2000. Since then we've expanded to offer graphic design and our newest service, Virtual Assistant.

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