Each website is unique. With this in mind we at Lionfish Solutions will be happy to discuss with you your needs and come up with a design that works for you and do so at a reasonable price. While rates are listed by the hour, all projects are quoted in full before any work begins.

Hosting: Free setup; $25~$100/month
Fee depends on hosting needs and includes 15 minutes of site updates per month.

Basic Site Design: $65/hour
Basic text and graphic layout, image scanning, setting up email accounts.

Basic small business site: $500 - $750 --Recommended!
Price variance is a function of pages, images, menu bar features (flash vs static), and does not include functionality (e-commerce, database, etc.) Majority of business sites are static and it is highly recommended to start with such a site. This allows you an affordable method of getting onto the internet, and gives you the option to add functionality features as needed. This basic site includes top bar with logo/slogan and images, as well as a menu with rollover features. A professional looking form for customer inquiries is also included (as opposed to a pop-up email).

Advanced Site Design: $150/hour
Database interaction, transaction processing, e-commerce.

Graphic Design: $65/hour

Database Design: $80/hour for table design $20/hour for input and form design
We will be happy to quote you for the total assignment. We realize that the time needed to develop a database is not reflected by the size of the tables or amount of data. Instead, it is the complexity of the database which most effects the time invested. Most databases used for inventory or customer records are rather straight forward.

Search Engine Submission: $40/hour
Due to changing markets and many search engines now charging for business listings, we do not offer search engine submission packages. What we do instead is help you decide what submission options are best for you and your marketing efforts. The hourly rate is only charged for time spent actually submitting your site to the various search engines - it takes about 15 minutes to submit to each engine. The hourly rate does not include fees charged by the search engines themselves.

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