We love design that's exciting and fun. But there are also those sites that require a sophisticated and upscale appearance. Most importantly, we will customize the look of your site to suit your line of business, and the message you wish to convey. Basically, we would not go about using similiar design elements for an attorney's office as we would for a salsa company.

Each site is customized individually. We never use templates or any other WYSIWYG program. They not only tend to generate sites that look "canned" but often cause problems in different browsers due to code redundancies and other programming inconsistencies. It is our strong belief that the best and most original look is achieved by designing from scratch.

It is our policy, after conducting a complimentary interview with you, to mock up a website proposal free of charge. This allows us the opportunity to shape and develop the project to your satisfaction. As we develop your site, we will post updates to a private server which you may access. This keeps you in the loop and provides us with your valuable feedback. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one goal.

Lionfish Solutions is community focused and grateful for the amount of business we've received. It is our belief to always give back to one's community. We make it a point to design websites free of charge to qualifying non-profit groups (unfortunately we do have to charge for the hosting, but we charge our lowest rate). If you are involved in a local (Denver & Douglas County) non profit and would be interested in receiving a pro bono site, please contact us.

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