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Logo's and Design

Logos help enhance your WebSite and create character. They reinforce your brand while communicating your business attitude. We will happily work with you in either designing a new logo or working with one you have previosly selected.

An important factor to keep in mind, is how well acquainted with both website and print media your graphic designer is? Both require different tools; a design originated for print can look very different (usually dull and muddy) on a website. Designs originated for websites lack the dpi (dots per inch) density required for print and may result in a grainy, washed out appearance.

Lionfish Solutions has been involved in creating logo's and other design elements with the understanding of print vs. pixel. By understanding how color behaves, whether dealing with light refraction (website) or light absorbtion (print) we can deliver designs that will maintain their vibrancy and color contrast regardless of the product you choose.

Understanding the technical aspects of design is vital in delivering a quality product. Equally as important is the utlization of creative and innovative design work, and always with your message in mind. Whether you're a law office, or a salsa company, we will work with your style, delivering the image best suited for your business.

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